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50 Plus

50+ Vitamins

by Super Nutrition Vitamins

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Customer Reviews
  1. Jim's Review of Alka Cleanse:
    Product Rating
    My 54 year son has had constipation all of his life. He could only have bowel movements every 3 days. No doctor could make him regular with all their meds. Finally, my chiropractor in Gulfport, MS told him to use Alka Cleanse by Dr. Morter and even gave him a few samples to try, and it WORKS. Now trips to the bathroom are daily and soft. What a ...
  2. Lou's Review of Cell Rejuvenator MSM Lotion 32 oz:
    Product Rating
    My immediate and extended family has been using this lotion for over 10 years now! It's worked amazingly well on any and all skin conditions from dry skin and rashes to joint pain. Every one that I've recommended it to has loved it.

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